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Monday, February 2, 2009

Laughter Is The Best Medicine!

This is a picture of our granddaughter Miss Abby, when she was just over a year old, she will be turning four soon. I find this picture always brings me a smile and a chuckle and it makes me realize just how important the gift of laughter is. I love to laugh, especially at myself. All of you that have gotten to know me find this extremely true! I am a chatter box with many humorous stories which are usually about me and some "bonehead" thing I have done or was a part of. I love to laugh! I also enjoy those that can laugh along with me. Right now many of us are finding very little to laugh about....So many of us are struggling to make our way in this world but I think we just need to stop and find that "Abby" picture in our life. Doing that will help make the struggles worthwhile!

I am a very "blessed" woman and there are times I forget just how blessed I am and begin to complain about silly little insignificant things that will disappear like a puff of smoke on a windy day. I say lets all pick a day and lets all "LAUGH" out loud! I say February 8th would be a good day...maybe if we are lucky we can hear the laughter on the wind when we step outside! Okay everyone get those jaws ready and that belly in shape and prepare to giggle, snort and laugh on February 8th! Please refrain from drinking anything during this exercise!


The Whispering Poppies said...

What a darling photo!!! (I found you through OWOH.) =)

I have four young children, and I have a favorite photo of each of them when they were little like your granddaughter... each in a laughing pose! It makes me smile just to look at their chuckling faces! And you're so right... the things I worry about really are trivial, and I should concentrate more on how blessed I really am!

albasworld said...

I am with you Pam! On the 8th, listen for a great breath of wind blowing your way. I laughed through my cancer and the year of chemo and the doctors thought I was addle brained or in shock - HA!!! I made it through when I shouldn't have and I am still laughing!

Hugs, alba

Carla said...

She is very cute. Love that smile.

WoolenSails said...

Children remind us of what life is all about. It it the simpler way of life, that brings us joy and laughter.


Phillane E'lee said...

That picure made me crack up and I almost woke Mr. Pea Pod. LOL
I have a picture like that. I too laughed all through the cancer and my family was ready to commit me but ya know it was that laughter that made me live. Okay Pam let us see who is the loud mouth in the group? You or ME! LOL
Have a good one

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

AMEN! sister..that is why I hang out with my bestest friend Kimmy cause she always makes me laugh...and yeah as the years have come and gone..I have lightened up and can laugh at myself at things that years ago would have mortified me...can't wait to see you...cute photo of your granddaughter by the way..that little smile is contagious...

vintagepaletteart said...

You are so very correct my friend!! Little Abby is just precious!!

Hugs, Lori

Cookie said...

good thought for the day, buddy!

I think we all need to find that happy place with the silver lining - times are hard and we need smiles and hugs and warm embraces ♥

ps: your photo of Abby worked! I'm happy right now :)

glimmering prize said...

Pam!! How are you guys?? It's freezing in VT!!
Your family sure has grown since I last saw you and Dan. Hope you are both well-
Hugs! Lorraine

Mila said...

You are right Pam !
Sometimes our life makes forget that a laughter is to "healthy" than thousand thoughts...
Many blessing,

P.S.Your Abby is so sweet & beautiful little girl :))!

Renee said...

I am going to laugh tomorrow, which is the 9th. What a wonderful post you have here and what a happy little granddaughter.

My granddaughter Josephine has a big smile like your little girl and it brings me much pleasure.

Love Renee