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Sunday, September 28, 2008

As the seasons start to come to a close and winter looms over the horizon it gives many of us time to reflect. Me, well I reflect all the time! With this country having twists and turns that seem to keep pushing it into the dark ages, it is hard for an individual that works from their heart to stay positive and creative, but I try. This is my bread and butter and even though the slices of bread are becoming less and less and the butter is over-whelming, I continue to have hope.

I have many people in my life that inspire and encourage me and there are times you just can't seem to tell them enough. My family is without a doubt my biggest group of fans and my whole reason for being, like my mother, who has become my dearest friend and my younger brother Mark, who keeps the home fires burning, I thank them everyday from my heart! I am a very fortunate soul to have three incredible children with spirits that keep them morphing into being the best they can be with integrity and passion! Of course it helps to have a sidekick of almost 40 years that keeps one balanced! Thanks Dan!

Through my travels down this road of art and independence I have been blessed to have so many wonderful characters to share it with. These characters are my strength, knowledge, truth and inspiration....they make themselves available whenever the need arrives with words of support and encouragement for no other reason than they are "sisters and brothers in arms" (thanks PFATTIES (all of you), Rennie (my sister), Sharon Mitchell & Karissa (my dear friends), Frannnnnnny(lol), Doreen (soulmate), Pea, Cookie, Susan (Miss Maddie's), Jan, Sharon, Blondie, Alba, Elizabeth, Lee, Susan (SF), Chris, Patty, Laurie, Kathy, Ella, Jane, Bess, Nancy, Stan, Trudy, Robert, Dan, Jennifer, Gina (your humor), Deb, Christine, Johnny, AnnMarie, Mel, Ann and the list continues. I have over 100 visitors a day to my blog and all of you I want to thank, you all mean so much to me!

Remember everyone, we are all in this big pot of soup together and only together can we make the soup a feast! Keep your mind alert and positive, your heart full of love and compassion and we will all survive this bumpy road ahead of us. Let's enjoy the colors of "FALL" and the "JOY" of the season!


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Nicely Said Pam! Thank you as well for your talent and the smiles you bring when I read your blog...you gave me not just bread and butter for thought but a whole feast to think about...Take care.
Gina :)

Nancy said...

Thank-you Pam for sharing...your thoughts are ones that many of us on our journey of independence in the creative arts feel. We deeply care about what we do...

I hope you continue you to bless us with your work!

Hugs, Nancy

albasworld said...

Amen to all you said Pam! This is why I love your blog - to be touched in some way, whether by words or a picture of something I would otherwise not have seen. It inspires and who would want more than that?!

"when your art speaks for itself - don't interrupt."

Hugs & smiles, alba

basketsnprims said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I admire your creativity.


Homespun Heart Primitives said...

Such sweet, wonderful thoughts. I miss you so much!
Thank you for being such a wonderful and wise person and a dear sweet friend.

Jan said...

You put it so very well, Pam. Maybe that's another part of being a creative soul, to hold on to that hope and show others that you do. From one to many, I hope.

Doreen said...

Pam. What a wonderful post and so nice to read bright and early on a Monday morning just before I head to the sewing machine. Thank you for mentioning me, I feel the same way about you!!!! And you are so very right... in this ever changing and truthfully scarey world right now...we all need to stick together and encourage one another.

Love the festive look of your blog and your new banner is wonderful! You are getting me in the holiday spirit for sure.


Designs by CK said...

Lovely post Pam and I totally agree!

LOVE Sandy's new banner too!

Have a great week. :)


Tina said...

What a wonderful sentiment. Artful Hearts are very unique and sensitive ones and it's good to have community and it sounds like you got a great one.
Thanks for sharing this today.
It blessed my Artful Heart

Tina said...
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Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

OH Pam, I can't wait to meet your little mouse and your kitty...your header is way to cute..I want those mice...

Pea said...

I am honored and humbled to be among those mentioned. Bless your sweet heart. Thank you for laugh, inspiration and always willing to lend a hand.

Miss Maddie's said...

Wow! This new look is bright and heartwarming.Kinda like the gal to whom it belongs.
It is your passion that unfolds into each and every softie you create.Those of us that adore them(and there are many) would travel over hill and dale to bring one home with them.(the internet works good too)
A doll creator I know once told me that she sends a little piece of her heart with each doll she makes.I know that stands true for you too.
Now where did I put that map of Ohio?
xo Susan