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Friday, August 1, 2008



I can't believe what a night I just had! I owe it all to the wonderful customers I have! I keep meeting some incredible people doing this job! People who have the heart and soul of true lovers of this art medium. I want to send out a huge hug and THANK YOU to each one of you for making "Soft in the Head" such a success! I sold everything before the clock even hit 12:15am. My mailbox was tapping out messages like it was dancin' to an old "Country Bluegrass Number....right ALBA?" Aunt Fibian is all yours! I wish I could have filled all the requests I recieved and I'm truly sorry to those that had to leave empty handed.

This group of Halloween/Fall creations was a blast to make! I get inspired from the strangest places, but mostly the doll just seems to take shape as I build it. The idea for Mrs. Black came from listening to my brother talk about his new chickens and how strange some of them look. Like I said, from the strangest places!
I have noticed that my wire hands and trademark curly-ques have become very popular with customers and other artists alike.
I love doing the wire touches to my creations, especially the Halloween line. They just give the doll a spooky essence. They also work great on the frogs for that "froggy feel" of webbed feet. Using wire comes from all the years I worked as a floral designer. I would use different colors of wire curly-ques in bouquets and corsages just to add a different dimension/texture to the look. Besides wire is such a "prim" thing to do and all of you like it! Thanks again to my FAN-TAB-U-LOUS customers for making HARTS and TDIPT so successful for me!


Doreen said...

Congratulations!!!! I sold all of my stuff too..woke up to my mail box full!!!

Those wire hands are wonderful...you've been doing them for sooo long...i'm surprised that they are JUST NOW being used by others!!!!! They are great!

Your skinny crow is fantastic!


Pea said...

Congrats Pam! Oh isn't alba a dream. A very good friend indeed and I will have me a Soft in the Head original one of these days.
I adore your work but you knew that didn't ya.
I giggle every time. I used to do florals too. Funny huh?
well my dear have a wonderful day.

Miss.Maddie's said...

The creations reflect the artist; spirited, fun loving and willing to share.Whether it is an original or in pattern form Softies find a way to nestle in one's heart and bring a smile to the face.
Wherever your inspiration comes from let it continue, we enjoy it's outcome!
xo Susan

The Crackling Crows said...

Congrats for selling your dolls so fast :) Your dolls look AWESOME...as usual...it is amazing how much fantasy you have :) LOVE IT!!!
Your dolls are truly Art!

Keep up the great work!!!
Hugs Ivonne