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Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Mom and Ethan
There are just so many memories that I have from this past month. I didn't get to share the birth of my daughters first son, Jude, due to illness but this time I was there for Ethan.

Dad and Ethan
I have so many memories stored in this old brain of mine now, not only of Ethan but of Jude, his big brother and Casey and Phil. I truly know the meaning of family.

Bath Time!
Casey and Phil live in Southern California up in the San Jacinto Mountains. They live in a quaint little town called Idyllwild. It is beautiful and remote!

Asleep in My Arms!
I found the smallness of the town refreshing. Everyone had time to stop and say hello or to remind you of the weather, "think it's going to be a hot one today?"

Posing For Grandpa!

Casey took Dan and I on a tour of all the interesting shops and areas of the town. It was a crafter's paradise! The wood carvings alone were magnificent! This one place had the greatest gargoyles and other mythical creatures, they looked real! Spending the month with my family was without a doubt one of the happiest times of my life!

Yep I'm your Grandma! Didn't mean to scare you!


Trudy Honeycutt ~ Folk Artist said...

My, oh my!! Too precious!! You will have to visit often, so you don't miss anything!!! ~~Trudy~~

vintagepaletteart said...

Oh P2! Isn't it just the best being a grandma? The best job in the world! He's so adorable! I'm so glad that they are all doing better! When they're that tiny.....all you want to do is just sit and hold them in your arms. *Sigh* They are just so precious!

Hugs! *Nana

Brenda said...

Gosh, those pics are adorable Pam.. someday I hope to be as privileged!!! I SO enjoy your blog.. full of life and love!!

Kathy said...
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Doreen said...

Pam, what a beautiful family you have. Your new grandson is the sweetest little thing, oh my goodness.

You are truly blessed my dear friend :)


Cookie said...

huge huge congrats, sweets ... I know this is a very special time for you, especially being able to spend time with your precious grandson!

Glad you were able to spend time getting to know each other!


Homespun Heart Primitives said...

He is just TOO CUTE! Just like his Grandma!