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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Hey everyone! As you all probably know I have been away leading the life of a vagabond for the last month. I have been snowed on in Washington state and getting webbing between my toes in Oregon. I was planning on making a trip to Pa. for the Heritage Show but my mother became very ill and I remained in Oregon. I almost lost her last night but due to the quick response of the local paramedics through my 911 call my mom is still with us.

This will be a short note to all to tell you I am thinking of everyone and hope your lives are full with love and creativity! Also I want to remind everyone about PFATT Marketplace on the 10th and Simply Primitives on the 15th. I have three new dolls on PFATT this month, but alas due to my scheduling Simply Primitives will have to wait till March for some new "Softees".... HAPPY VALENTINES DAY" to all.....Pam


Doreen said...

Hello my dear. I spoke with Dan yesterday and he told me what was happening...I'm so sorry. I am praying for her recovery.

Hugs to you
:) Doreen

Cookie said...

so glad to have you home again - and good to hear your trip was a joy and more than all that... good news about your mamma!
Missed you sweets :)

Welcome home !

skunk30 said...

So glad they got there in time. Your in our prayers.
Skunk Hollow Country STore

Cookie said...

got me some new digs going on sister... check out the "new" me :)
(and if you'd update your link to my blog, I'd be much obliged)

talk soon!

Pea said...

OH mY dear I am so happy your momma is okay. Praise the Lord you were there to help her.
Have a joy filled with more Love then your heart can hold.

Trudy Honeycutt ~ Folk Artist said...

Welcome home, Pam!! Sending prayers for your mother's full recovery. Hugs, Trudy

vintagepaletteart said...

Welcome back P2! So glad that you were there for your mom! Prayers coming your way. =D


Doreen said...

Just me again. SOOOOO glad you will be home next week. Can't wait to see you back blogging again.

I have a special award for you on my blog...please stop by when you get a chance.


Cookie said...

You are going to be one busy lady when you return. You were so instrumental and patient with me when I was just spinning my wheels and I will never forget how you took me under your wing so many times. Because you are so dear to my heart, there is another "oscar" waiting for you on my blog.
Pop in whenever you get caught up sister :)