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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Headed to "A Bewitching Feté"

"And We're Off"

It was a rough start getting ready for this show, so
many obstacles and curve balls thrown our way but we managed to pull it together and get a car load of characters together for "A Bewitching Feté".  There are some new faces this year in the "Soft in the Head" taxi and we're sure hoping they will be well
received.  Since my arthritis has decided to go to the "darkside" mass sewing is becoming a thing of the past and maybe even shows, for me, will too....we'll see.
The mice are chattering and the witches are
casting spells right and left and I even hear an argument about who is wearing the best hat, some things never change in this little band of misfits.  The pumpkin characters are new this year though they are from an older design I did nine years ago, an old codger name "Boo Trick'em".  I thought I would change him up a bit and add some
legs and that is how the new pumpkin-headed tribe began.  I must admit I am a bit partial to the white heads though, they just have a certain cuteness about them.  I scored a bunch of mini mache pumpkins a couple of years ago and they just fit in so nicely with this new design and
even with a few other funny characters.  Halloween is just so much fun!
Dan and I love to travel and the trip down south to California is always one we look forward to.  We will see old friends and spend time with family and get to do an amazing Halloween show too.  "A Bewitching Feté" is different from
other shows I have done.  This one has a cast of artists like I have never seen...the assortment is brilliant.  There is oddities and curiosities dashed with a dose of childhood wonder and cuteness.  I think a bit of something for everyone.  Then you throw in a night of wine tasting and appetizers (Friday night) and you have "trick or treating" for adults!  We're really looking forward to this.  This will be our second year at this show and if it is as good as last year we will be more than pleased...I will be buying those cruise tickets I want LOL   I truly hope to see you at this wonderful Halloween event...for information go to: www.abewitchingfete.com


Karen Mallory said...

Looks like so much fun!! Wish I could get someone to take me.
Have a great time and lots of sales!!
hugs Karen

Janie said...

Your pack of pumpkins, ghosties, and ghouls looks superb. Wish we all could be there to buy! And I love the white pumpkins too! Here's to my wish for your good sales, your fun fun fun, and safe travels.

Enjoy yourselves!


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