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Monday, March 12, 2018

The Changes of Life.....

"And Spring Begins"

As I stand outside and look through the old wood gate my mind begins to drift...Dan and I have been here going on our 3rd year.  Funny how life keeps changing around us but yet we still feel the same as we did many years ago.  I look in the mirror and wonder who that person is staring back at me, I just don't recognize her anymore.  The face looks
much wiser than I remember, a whole lot older but wiser.  The wrinkles are trying to take over but the smile that seems to dominate that face keeps those wrinkles at bay.  The quote from Abraham Lincoln comes to mind as I look at the reflection in the mirror "And in the end it is not the years in your life that count, it's the life in your years".....and Dan and I have had a lot of life!

Standing and looking out over this old gate it's easy to remember what everything will look like in just a few months.  Buds are already popping
out everywhere and the trees are starting to hang heavy with them.  The colors will be pouring out of flower boxes and pots plus the smells will be heavenly.  Right now it looks sad.... 

Spring is such an amazing time of year, it's the birth and beginning for just about everything.  As we
drive to town we see the new lambs and calves playing in the fields.  Garage sale signs are popping up everywhere as everyone gets into the "Spring Cleaning" mode.  The eagles are building their nest and soon we will have another bunch of eaglets forging for food and
diving into our pond after a tasty morsel.  The snow geese are everywhere right now and you can see them pairing off and
looking for possible nesting areas.  
Country life is the best, even the smell from the local dairies don't seem to bother me.  
When spring is here you will find me in my humble little "porch" garden planting my sprigs of herbs and veggies and re-potting last years
geraniums.  It may be getting more difficult for me to get out and dig in the dirt to plant my garden so knowing that my neighbors down the road always have a well stocked vegetable stand is nice.  The bird feeders will get hung in front of the window to give Sammy and Issa something to fuss over and so I can enjoy the plethora of color that comes and goes and our squirrels will return to torment poor Sammy which is always fun....WELCOME SPRING we have missed you!

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