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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Comfort and Solitude

"Comfort For My Soul"

All of us have our favorite places that we haunt to find comfort or to sit and  just "think".  My place is an old bookstore....the dustier and mustier the better!  Since I was a young kid I loved books and often found myself a quiet place in a remote corner of the barn with one planted up to my nose.As I got older my mom and I found our favorite outings were those that took us to some bookstore hideaway that was often run by an eccentric gentleman and his cat!  Mom would be involved in a heated discussion about current editions while I would be off looking for adventure in the over-crowded and dusty aisles of books...always looking for that special volume that would send me into yet another world of intrigue and derring-do! 

When Dan and I travel we are always on the look out for some random "over-stuffed" relic of a book store, the older the better.  Once I walk through the door I feel as though I have been transported to another place and definitely to another life.  Books are the best friends and "comfort food" for ones adventurous soul!  Dan and I could spend literally hours mulling and wandering through the volumes of places and imagination and often coming out with our arms full of information and new adventures.
When I visit my old stomping grounds in Wa. state one of my VERY favorite places to visit is the Duvall Book Store.  I'm always guaranteed to find  something interesting where I can get lost for a few hours to a few days!  Not only that but the whole atmosphere of this bookstore is friendly and magical.....from the giant stuffed bunny that greets you at the door to the bench made out of old discarded books.  Every place you look is full of that kid-like sense of adventure and mystery mixed with a serious dose of dust and cobwebs!  I love it!!!!!
Dan and I are so fortunate that all three of our kids are avid readers and it has carried over to our grandkids.  Books are the doorways to a never ending road of adventure, love, mystery and education....the ultimate gift you can give your mind!  


Deb~Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

Bookstores are magical places, where you can travel is limited only by your imagination. I've tried reading with one of those 'new fangled' e-readers but dislike them intensely; give me the weight and smell and feel of a real book please!
As for my comfort place, it is in the wilderness; no electricity, no trains, planes or automobiles, no cell phones or telephones. Just the sound of the wind in the trees and the lap of the waves on the shore and the crackle of the campfire with my DH and my pups at my side. That is my place of comfort and solitude, where my soul heals and is made whole. Thanks for a lovely post Pam.

Sarah Beth said...

Oh this is one of my absolute favorite posts from you. I'm bibliophile too. Just the smell of them. I love the new smell and the old smell. I enjoy the kindle app on my tablet when I Dont have my books with me but I will always love the feel of a book:-)

Kays Kids said...

I love books and I agree, to read to children from the day you bring them home from hospital is the greatest gift you can give them.

The English Romantic said...

What a wonderful post. I love the smell of a dusty old bookshop no E reading for me unless its a stitching pattern.
You would love to visit Hay-on-Wye with it's literature festival, a real book lovers delight.
Happy reading,

Anonymous said...

I LOVE books too. As soon as I am finished with a book I pick another up right away. I always have a book with me. There are three bookcases in my house filled and stuffed with books that still need to be read. LOL!!! I have been this way with books and reading ever since I was a child. I am like a few others who have posted here, I don't like reading kindles. I have to read a book with a spine and pages. :-) I also had one chair made to put in my kitchen that is over stuffed to sit in for me to sit and read in. And another different one in a spare room in my house that is a big comfy upholstered rocker used for the same purpose. I hope you are doing well...take good care.